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Full Code CPR 2023 Community Impact

In 2023, the Full Code Team was dedicated to delivering high-quality CPR training along the West Coast. Our commitment to providing high-quality CPR training to our community's individuals, businesses, and organizations stands strong.

We cannot begin to show the amount of gratitude we have for each individual in the community. Every certified person is a leader in their community, ready to render aid anytime and anywhere. Full Code CPR had growth, unlike any previous years we have ever seen, demonstrating our instructors' compassion with every lesson.

As we enter 2024, Full Code CPR will remain dedicated to our mission of directly contributing to the decline of heart disease-related deaths, and we will continue to strive towards excellence in all aspects of our business. #lifeiswhy 

Community Partners

Community Events Partnership

Full Code CPR has dedicated itself to providing FREE community events to the Portland Metropolitan Area.

We began this year by dedicating our facilities and staff to providing free community CPR & AED training. Please contact our team if you are a local business owner who wishes to give back to this fantastic community. We seek community educational workshops, free tutoring, arts and crafts sessions, health & wellness seminars, career development opportunities, financial literacy, and cultural awareness events. 

Full Code CPR believes in the Latin term "Cura Personalis" or the "Care of the entire person." 

Together, we will make a difference and create a better community & world for future generations!